World News (Issue 68)

By 22 September 2014

PI has Regional PI Associations (RPAs) around the globe – 27 of them, some serving more than one country. The RPA in South East Asia, for example, serves Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.  PI South East Asia recently hosted a successful seminar in Bangkok; story at Control Engineering Asia. Of course, PI North America serves more than one country too. But here is news from the UK, Australia, China, Germany, and Brazil:


UKThe UK PROFIBUS Group has issued an invitation to their next Conference, to be held on 23-24 June 2015 at The Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon. MORE HERE. The two-day conference is designed for engineers, managers and indeed anyone concerned with implementing fieldbus and/or industrial Ethernet technologies, and will concentrate on the real issues of implementation, maintenance and management of PROFIBUS and PROFINET systems. A Call for Papers is HERE. UK


AustraliaAt the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of PROFIBUS Australia in May, the officers were elected and installed for the 2014 Executive Committee and Marketing Committee. It was decided to establish two new Social Media mediums: Facebook and LinkedIn. Strong support for expanding PAA’s Training program to meet a growing market interest was discussed and approved. Important announcements included the introduction of Certified PROFINET training throughout Australia in November 2014, and the introduction of Certified PROFIBUS training in New Zealand in October 2014.See: AUSTRALIA


pichinaPI-China is holding free PROFINET technology workshops in Beijing, Wuhan, and Shanghai. The workshops give a comprehensive overview of the different solutions, including consulting services and hardware and firmware integration to certification. The comprehensive availability of development support and ready-to-use PROFINET basic technology makes it very easy for manufacturers to implement PROFINET quickly and cost-effectively. The workshop language is Chinese. Beijing was completed in July; yet to come are Wuhan (September) and Shanghai (November). See: China


GermanyIn June, the 100th meeting of the Advisory Board took place. From the outset, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has taken steps to ensure that many manufacturers participate in developing the technology. The Advisory Board was established to guide this technology development. It is made up of the Board of Directors, the committee leaders, and elected members. To fulfill its responsibility, the Advisory Board holds regular meetings; its most recent being the 100th. The main mission of the Advisory Board – to guide the technology development – is accomplished by specifying goals for working group activities and monitoring these activities. In addition, it is responsible for coordinating the contents and solutions of the working groups within and between the various committees and for approving work products. GERMANY


BrazilPI Brazil has been in existence for 15 years and has always relied on business ethics as one of its pillars. Today, the RPA consists of 60 companies, including 23 product suppliers, 32 engineering service providers (here, called integrators), 2 educational institutions and 3 end customers (users). And in July 2013 we established a new category of individual members, meeting a demand from professionals working in companies that for bureaucratic reasons are not associated but who want to have the benefits that PI provides, and we now have 37 professionals in this membership category.

Talking about our technology centers, today PI Brazil has two PI Competence Centers (PICCs). The newest PICC is part of Westcon and is very active. The other PICC is located inside the University of São Paulo (USP), one of the most renowned institutions for education in the country. This PICC has been administrated by our RPA since its creation in 2009, and has also been a PROFIBUS PI Training Center (PITC) since the outset. In December 2013 it was approved as a PICC for PROFINET, and was later approved as a PROFINET PITC in 2014. This model of interconnecting the PICC / PITC within a university has been our goal, and today we are in the process of creating two more such PICC / PITCs. As an example of performance, 48 different training courses in technology have been conducted since 2009, with about 500 professionals in attendance.

PI Brazil is also very active in the area of external events. In 2013, we held 11 events, including meetings with integrators, on-site seminars, technology fairs and workshops. This year 20 events are scheduled, 6 of which have been completed so far thanks to the active participation of member companies that provided professional instructors. Further emphasis must also be given to working groups, such as the Cables Working Group, and to validation of field networks. These types of activities are selected according to market demand. PI Brazil

Marco Padovan,
Chairman, RPA Brazil