Member News (Issue 68)

By 22 September 2014

This month brings news from KW-Software and Beamex.  KW-Software is changing their name to Phoenix Contact Software starting next year.  Beamex announces a free web seminar covering pressure instrumentation and calibration.


Bundled software expertise for control technology and industrial solutions

KW-Software GmbH, a leading provider of automation software technology based in Lemgo, Germany, will change its name to KW-Software120Phoenix Contact Software on January 1, 2015. As of that date, it will become part of Phoenix Contact‟s Control Systems business unit.

Current KW-Software Managing Director Andreas Orzelski and Detleve Kuschgke, Director Research & Development in the Control Systems business unit at Phoenix Contact, will serve as the Executive Board at the new Phoenix Contact Software GmbH. Staff at the Lemgo site will join with the software developers from Phoenix Contact, who have been working at the Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT) in Lemgo for the past four years.

“Software is increasingly seen as a differentiator on the market. IT and production are becoming more closely integrated. That’s why it’s paramount that we expand our software expertise in order to sustainably expand our control systems portfolio and our industrial solution services,” says Roland Bent, Executive Vice President Marketing & Development, Member of the Board, at Phoenix Contact.

“This step allows us to pool our collective resources in order to be strategically oriented towards the technological requirements of Industry 4.0. The new CIIT building provides us with more space for further growth. KW-Software’s existing business with external customers will continue under the new name. This way, customers can take advantage of a wider range of software technologies from the Phoenix Contact Group,” adds Andreas Orzelski, current Managing Director at KW-Software.

“Fully integrating KW-Software into the Phoenix Contact company demonstrates further commitment by Phoenix Contact to the Control System Technology business,” said Dave Skelton, Vice President and General Manager of Phoenix Contact Development and Manufacturing. “Phoenix Contact’s Solutions for the Future‟ are increasingly enhanced by software. The KW-Software USA team will join our Phoenix Contact Control Systems team in Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

KW-Software GmbH was founded in Lemgo in 1982 and is recognized as a global leader in the development of control software based on the IEC 61131 programming languages and IEC 61508 safety technologies. Additionally, KW Software provides Profinet stacks, integration engineering, and Profinet single-chip interface and engineering tools for device manufacturers. The company has been part of the Phoenix Contact Group since 2001.

Phoenix Contact


The International Society of Automation (ISA) and its Premier Strategic Partner for calibration, Beamex, will co-host a free web seminar on 2 October 2014 that will discuss the fundamentals of pressure instrumentation as well as some of the appropriate methods for calibration.

The web seminar, which will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, will feature three instrumentation experts: Roy Tomalino, Calibration Engineer at Beamex; Ned Espy, Technical Director at Beamex; and Hunter Vegas, Project Engineering Manager at Wunderlich-Malec.

In a typical process plant, over 60% of instrument applications involve pressure. Pressure instrumentation maintenance is a critical and daily task, yet proper procedures for managing and calibrating these instruments are often overlooked or not understood.

This webinar is the first of a two-part series, which will cover the principles of pressure instruments and advanced pressure measurement techniques using best practices.

“It is important for every technician to understand the basics of pressure in order to maintain and calibrate their instrumentation properly. Time and time again, I run into technicians that have learned by the ‘school of hard knocks’ or need a refresher on these concepts. They are doing their best with what they know, but have a hard time figuring out the most effective methods. We hope this webinar will help bridge the gap and connect any missing dots,” states Espy at Beamex, Inc.

Don’t miss the first web seminar of a two part series on how to calibrate pressure instruments. Click here to register. Again, the webinar will take place 2 October, from noon to 1:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.