Training Class Update (Issue 66)

This will be a record year for PI North America, with respect to our one-day training classes. Average attendance for 2014 at our PROFINET classes is up 25% this year.

What’s driving this interest?

Students range from End-Users, to OEMs,to Systems Integrators. But in addition to that, more Vendor companies are informing their customers about the classes. And why wouldn’t they?

  • It’s a free class
  • With very little commercial content (i.e. not a sales pitch)
  • Students can earn 5.5 Professional Development Hours
  • Lunch is included
  • The content is basic enough for a beginner but thorough enough for a seasoned user

Interest plus engagement

Not only is interest piqued (pun intended) but engagement has also peaked. Students are asking questions like:

  1. For the different protocols at Layer 7 of the ISO/OSI model (Application Layer), do each of them (i.e. does PROFINET) use it’s own port number?
  2. Do I need a managed switch for Simple Device Replacement?
  3. What about PROFINET performance over wireless?

Join PI North America for a PROFINET Training Class in any of the following cities.



Vancouver, BC 7/29/14
Nashville, TN 9/9/14
Las Vegas, NV 10/9/14
Detroit, MI 10/22/14
Portland, OR 11/4/14
Salt Lake City, UT 11/18/14
San Jose, CA 12/4/14

Register now, space is limited.

(Answers: 1. Yes it does, but it’s only needed for TCP/IP communications, not Real-Time; 2. LLDP is needed for Simple Device Replacement, which is typically a feature of managed switches; 3. It depends on a lot of factors, come to a class to find out!)