One Day Training Classes (Issue 65)

Who attends PROFINET one-day training classes? We track that through our Course Evaluations. So far this year:

Category Percentage
End user 40
System Integrator 20
Device Maker 16
Distributor 7
Other 9


And what areas do the attendees work in?


The Houston class tilted the application space to Process; the Detroit class later this year will tilt it back.

The Course Evaluations also provide feedback on the course. There is both praise and constructive criticism. Both are valued.

Recent criticism included:

Beef up PROFIsafe section.

[It is tough to balance all the great things about PROFINET. For PROFIsafe details, we invite attendees to view the webinar: PROFIsafe – Functional Safety over PROFIBUS and PROFINET.]

Add hands-on.

[There are too many students for that to work. Exhibitors in the room can provide that though.]

Recent praise included:

I am new to PROFINET but have used PROFIBUS in the past. This was a great view of what we can expect as we migrate to PROFINET.

Came in with little to no knowledge of PROFINET. Great course. Instructors made 310 slides bearable!

I found this to be extremely helpful in understanding even the basics.

Good course with no excess product pushing. The vendor support is an excellent resource.

This was excellent as I was able to learn new material and then ask questions of the vendors to see how well their equipment will integrate.

Nice job keeping it simple but informative, and nice use of humor.

Very helpful and technical course.

Full schedule here.