Innovasic Certifies RapID Platform for PROFINET IRT

Within one month of announcing the newest version of its RapID Platform Network Interface for PROFINET RT and IRT connectivity, Innovasic has certified the solution for both Class B and Class C. It is possible to design in PROFINET with the RapID Platform now and take advantage of seamless support for version v2.3. Innovasic’s solution allows users to certify their design to v2.3 as soon as certification is available through any of the PI Test Labs.

InnovasicThe PROFINET IRT Network Interface is delivered as a module or embedded design containing everything needed to participate in a PROFINET IRT and RT network. A host processor connects to the Network Interface via a UART or 16-bit Parallel Interface. At the software layer, the host connects to Innovasic’s Unified Interface API so other protocols can be used without changing host processor software. Since the Unified Interface is exactly the same across all versions of the RapID Platform, customers developing a PROFINET IRT or RT product can easily convert to any other supported Industrial Ethernet protocol.

“This is a momentous occasion for Innovasic,” says Keith Prettyjohns, Innovasic’s CEO, “and speaks to the power of our new fido5000, Real-time Ethernet Multi-protocol (REM) switch and the openness of the PROFINET standard.”

The RapID Platform – PROFINET IRT Network Interface module and embedded design were available in April 2014. Please visit to learn more.