Control System Integrators Association introduces the Exchange

A new online service will help industrial plant managers connect with control system integrators and suppliers who can meet their industrial automation needs.

The Industrial Automation Exchange was introduced by the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) at its annual executive conference in San Diego. The Exchange,, replaces the association’s previous online directory with a feature-rich digital community that includes Find an Integrator, Find a Product and Find an Answer.

“Our members are looking for ways to educate prospective clients about system integration and to help industrial clients connect with the right people and products to implement automation solutions,” said Bob Lowe, CSIA executive director.CSIA_website

One of the features that distinguishes the Industrial Automation Exchange from a traditional buyers guide is the ability to create personal profiles and communicate with other visitors to the site. For example, visitors can post questions in the Find an Answer and members of the community can respond directly or refer to a white paper or case study they’ve shared.

“The social component of the Exchange allows our members to demonstrate that system integration is not a commodity product. As with other professional services, it’s the people behind the company name and logo who make the difference,” said Lowe.

More advanced features, including the ability to compare companies and send requests for information, are in development. CSIA will introduce the Exchange to end user clients and customers in early July.

To learn more about the Exchange or to create a company profile, visit