Spotlight: PROFIBUS and PROFINET Resources

Binders stackYou are missing out on a veritable treasure-trove of information, if you’ve never been to the Resources section of the Profibus and Profinet website. In addition to Application Stories and White Papers that describe best practices and benefits to using the technologies, there are in-depth pieces in the form of official Documentation.

If you are strapped for time, then the Videos section may be of more value.

Application Story Library

The Application Story library contains real-world example uses of PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies. They show how using a fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network helped a user in some aspect of their manufacturing. Topics highlight easier installation, faster commissioning, maximizing uptime, or increasing throughput.

White Paper Library

The White Paper library contains a myriad of documents pertaining to a wide range of topics. Some are technical in nature and go into depth on a particular feature of either PROFIBUS or PROFINET. Others provide side-by-side comparisons of competing technologies or present cases studies.


To gain an in depth understanding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET, books are available for purchase. They start at a very high level and work down into the details of the protocols, and are therefore useful for both novices and experts.


The Documentation section contains a wealth of information from specifications and profiles, to installation guidelines and brochures. They are suitable for browsing and printing.


Videos are an excellent way to get an overview of a topic of interest in the most efficient manner. Take some time to view one or all of them. New content is being added all of the time.