Product News (Issue 64)

Product Roundup:

The panoply of new products for April includes industrial Ethernet switches, ultrasonic welding equipment, PROFICLOUD, I/O blocks and PROFIsafe components.

Branson Ultrasonics Expands DCX Lineup

DCX A&F, 3 units, blue backgroundBranson Ultrasonics Corp., part of Emerson Industrial Automation, expanded its DCX global series of compact ultrasonic welding power supplies with its new Series A and F to provide customers with a PROFIBUS interface.

HARTING launches Ethernet switches with PROFINET

pressphoto.ha-vis.mcon_HARTING’s two newest, fully managed Ethernet switches – the Ha-VIS mCon 3000 Next Generation – have been optimized for fast deployment in the harshest industrial environments to support support today’s increasingly sophisticated network structures. With their PROFINET I/O stack, mCon 3000 NG switches can be deployed and incorporated seamlessly into existing and new PROFINET applications.

Innovasic Extends RapID Platform to Include PROFINET IRT

RapID NI REMThe new RapID Platform release incorporates Innovasic’s revolutionary fido5000 REM Switch to provide a complete PROFINET v2.3 IRT Solution. The PROFINET IRT Network Interface is delivered as a module or embedded design containing everything needed to participate in a PROFINET IRT and RT network.

PROFICLOUD technology

PROFIcloud2PROFICLOUD technology enables Phoenix Contact to move PROFINET to the cloud. This combination of the proven automation standard and state-of-the-art information technology greatly simplifies tasks such as remote control. Network devices and functions of an industrial PROFINET network can be moved to the cloud.

TURCK Introduces Multiprotocol Ethernet In-Cabinet, Block I/O Stations

Turck_FEN20TURCK is expanding its line of In-Cabinet, Block I/O stations with the addition of the FEN20 I/O stations for Industrial Ethernet. This station incorporates TURCK’s Industrial Ethernet multiprotocol technology into a fixed, economical, in-cabinet I/O product ideal for applications where digital I/O needs to be elevated to an Industrial Ethernet layer such as PROFINET.

Highest Protection for Man and Machine

Murr55561With Murrelektronik’s fieldbus module MVK Metal Safety, you get perfect solutions for active safety technology. MVK Metal Safety consists of a solid metal housing with surface finishing. The modules are very compact and feature an integrated fieldbus connection. To ensure safe data transfer, MVK Metal Safety uses the transfer protocols PROFINET/PROFIsafe or PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe.

Development Package for PROFINET Controllers

Siemens_Controller_Development_package_for_Profinet_ControllersThe Siemens Industry Automation Division has expanded its offer for the development of PC-based automation solutions for series machine manufacturing with a Profinet driver for controller applications. With the driver, which is delivered as source code, it is easy for the user to implement individual Profinet communication solutions on a standard PC, for networking machines in a production line, for example.