One Day Training Classes (Issue 64)

Users and System Integrators get a great overview of PROFINET at the no-cost PI North America one-day training classes.  OEMs and manufacturers of automation devices also benefit.  Most of the day is spent describing how to use PROFINET for various applications.  A peek behind the scenes is also provided to show how PROFINET works.  Device makers show their PROFINET devices, too, providing real-world looks at products.

Students are sometimes surprised that the class is a real training session; some expected a sales pitch.  But it is real training from 8:30am to 4:00pm with hosted breaks and a hosted lunch.

We still have plenty of classes left this year (click the city to register):

City Date
Kansas City 4/30/14
Milwaukee 5/15/14
Cleveland 6/5/14
Philadelphia 6/19/14
Vancouver 7/29/14
Nashville 9/9/14
Las Vegas 10/9/14
Detroit 10/23/14
Portland 11/4/14
Salt Lake City 11/18/14
San Jose 12/4/14

Class attendance has really increased this year over last, so it pays to register early.  Here is a photo from our recent Greenville class:

If there is no training class in your area, try a webinar instead.