Branson Ultrasonics Expands DCX Lineup

Branson Ultrasonics Expands DCX Lineup with Two New Compact Power Supplies

Enabling High Degree of Control in Automation

New Series Features Fieldbus Capability and User Interface Tool Joins Global Family

DCX A&F, 3 units, blue backgroundBranson Ultrasonics Corp., part of Emerson Industrial Automation, expanded its DCX global series of compact ultrasonic welding power supplies with its new Series A and F that provide customers with a high degree of control and high-speed operating efficiency.

The two newest models to join the DCX lineup provide consistent weld quality, high levels of flexibility and advanced communication capabilities among other new high-end features.

“The new DCX A and DCX F systems answer the need for a higher degree of control and high-speed operating efficiency for automation in tight spaces,” said Jeff Frantz, Director of Marketing & Business Development, North America, at Branson Ultrasonics. “These new models join our well-received DCX line that comes with Branson’s proven power supply performance. Coupled with our superior technical product and application support, it’s a winning combination.”

The DCX F power supply has fieldbus capabilities (including Profibus) that allow real-time distributed control andBRN165128_NetConnectIllustration communication from a PLC. Fieldbus communication allows a PLC to configure the DCX F weld mode and parameters, and read back the weld results in real time.

DCX F Features Fieldbus Communication

This allows complex automated systems requiring multiple devices to be wired together in sequence. The ability to network multiple devices via daisy chain significantly reduces the length and number of cables required, simplifies the integration of the HMI, PLC, I/O and other devices, and minimizes cabinet requirements where space is at a premium.

Global User Interface Program Available on DCX A

The DCX A features a new user interface tool that also comes standard on all DCX Power Supplies. This BUC Global User Interface Program is structured using a standard HTML-based communication interface protocol, which allows the user to employ a commercially available Internet browser to perform everything from product setup and custom I/O configurations to system diagnostics

This easy-to-use interface tool eliminates the need for costly software and dedicated hardware configuration, saving time and increasing productivity.

New Features

Among the advanced new features available on the DCX A and DCX F are:

  • Multiple Weld Modes: DCX A and DCX F feature five different weld modes for maximum flexibility in meeting the needs of the widest possible variety of application. The weld mode can be selected based on time, energy, peak power, ground detect, or continuous ultrasonics. Also, reject alarms and cut-off limits can be configured based on weld modes. After the final configuration, the weld setup can be saved to one of 32 separate presets. Weld results can be reviewed after a weld to verify, evaluate and document the weld. The user can also export weld results into an Excel spread sheet for further analysis.
  • Closed-loop Amplitude Control: The proven Digital Communication Platform with closed-loop amplitude control provides significant benefits in performance, consistency and higher productivity, especially in applications requiring a high level of process control, weld quality and high throughput.
  • Front Panel Interface: The icon-driven interface allows the user to read and set the weld amplitude, perform horn tests, configure the DCX weld settings, and clear alarms.

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