Welcome to our updated PROFINEWS North American Edition!

Michael_BryantWe’ve given PROFINEWS North American Edition its first major update since publication began nine years ago. It’s such a major update that we’ve given it its own website: The new version includes embedded videos and slideshows. You can browse the home page for articles in the current issue and click through to each article. Or you can select a category tailored to your interest right in the header: want a Tech Tip, click it; looking for new products, that category is there. And so are News, Opinion, App Stories, and Training. Or if you want to do a full text search, there’s a box for that in the header too. Down in the footer you can click the Subscribe link or click a social media button for more.PROFINEWS.US

Once you’ve clicked through to an article, you can browse other articles in the same issue by clicking the Issue number tag. Be sure to use the article social sharing buttons when you find an article you really like. Oh, and our Twitter feed is live in the right hand column.

If you can’t stay online tPROFINEWS_PDFo read the whole issue, download the PDF version. It is also in a new format complete with linked table of contents.

And finally, you can stay even more up-to-date on PROFINET and PROFIBUS news by downloading the PROFINEWS App for iOS and Android.

–Michael Bryant