Product News (Issue 63)

See the latest products available for PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Anybus CompactCom: Multi-Network Connectivity


With an Anybus CompactCom integrated into a drive, it is possible to connect to PROFINET while supporting PROFIdrive, PROFIenergy and clock synchronous operation. Not to mention that it is possible to connect to any other network by simply switching Anybus product.

Softing’s PROFINET FPGA passes Net Load Class III


Softing’s PROFINET device implementation has passed the Class III category of the “Net Load Test” performed by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI). This tough-to-reach performance objective ensures that PROFINET field devices that are based on Softing’s protocol software will operate at the highest level of robustness and reliability even under tremendous network load.

Inch-Wide Analog Input Modules with 16 ChannelsXT1200_5x7_300ppi

Acromag has released two of their newest models in the BusWorks® XT Series of Ethernet I/O modules. The XT1230 and XT1240 models provide a 16-channel interface for single-ended analog current or voltage input signals with Profinet and other Industrial Ethernet communication.

Innovasic Embeddable Switch Handles IRTinnovasic_fido5000_ec_ff

The Real-time Ethernet Multi-protocol (REM) Switch, or fido5000 REM, is an Industrial Ethernet switch IC from Innovasic that can be embedded into any application.  It supports PROFINET IRT and has two Ethernet ports – necessary today for practically all Industrial Ethernet protocols.

T+H Report Generator aids PROFINET Acceptance Testst_h_profinet_commissioning_report

The currently available version of the report generation template from Trebing + Himstedt checks parameters such as the maximum line depth, device names, firmware versions, absorption, port utilization and number of error packets. The generated report is structured to include a one page summary, detailed test results, and recommended actions (if applicable).

IRT Switch from Phoenix Contact is IP 65/6pic_con_a_0046921_int

FL Switch IRT real-time switches from Phoenix Contact are now available with IP65/67 protection to facilitate PROFINET fiber-optic networking. The switches use ERTEC chip technology. Cut-through switching provides shorter latency times and a built-in PROFINET IO device allows for configuration and monitoring via the PROFINET controller.