By 5 March 2014

ONE_DAY_MAP_masked February 4 marked the kickoff of our 2014 one-day training classes with the San Diego class. Everything went pretty smoothly considering we have a new approach this year. We jump right into the “How do I” sections after a short introduction. Some of those sections include a behind the scenes look at how PROFINET does that. That information is not needed to use PROFINET, but I think it helps to understand how to apply it. Almost all the sections include a new example of how someone used PROFINET. Some of these are presented in detail on our website. We also do live demos in many of the sections, although we have some video demos, too.

Three weeks ago we were in Birmingham for the second one-day training class. After that we reviewed our new machine-scored Course Evaluations in a blog post: “PROFINET Classes, Quantitatively Speaking.” Highlight: everyone thought the course was ‘good’ or outstanding.’

Here is how the Birmingham class unfolded:

We’ve been surprised that the classes have been better attended than we expected. In fact, last week’s Houston class was a record-breaker. We had to close registration weeks before the class. Moral of the story: register early. We’ve added a seventeenth class for 2014: Vancouver on July 29.

City Date
Dayton 4/2/2014
Boston 4/16/14
Kansas City 4/30/14
Milwaukee 5/15/14
Cleveland 6/5/14
Philadelphia 6/19/14
Vancouver 7/29/14
Nashville 9/9/14
Las Vegas 10/9/14
Detroit 10/23/14
Portland 11/4/14
Salt Lake City 11/18/14
San Jose 12/4/14

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