One Day Training Classes (Issue 63)

ONE_DAY_MAP_maskedWe’ve completed four PROFINET one-day training classes to-date: San Diego, Birmingham, Houston, and Greenville. With well over 500 registrations to-date, we are off to a great start. But don’t worry, there are still 13 classes left:

City Date
Dayton 4/2/2014
Boston 4/16/14
Kansas City 4/30/14
Milwaukee 5/15/14
Cleveland 6/5/14
Philadelphia 6/19/14
Vancouver 7/29/14
Nashville 9/9/14
Las Vegas 10/9/14
Detroit 10/23/14
Portland 11/4/14
Salt Lake City 11/18/14
San Jose 12/4/14

Here are the reactions from some of the students at the Houston class as written on the Course Evaluation forms:

It’s a great class for anyone who is working in industry.

Very informative.

Lots of good information, good take home media, good application stories. [The take home media includes a printed training manual and a CD loaded with the presentation, videos, installation guides, and much more.]

Are you registered for a class, but not attended yet?  Wonder what the day is like? Here’s a sample of the day:

No training class in your area? Try a webinar instead.