Anybus CompactCom: Multi-Network Connectivity

A Single Project – Multi-network Connectivity

With an Anybus CompactCom integrated into a drive, it is possible to connect to PROFINET while supporting PROFIdrive, PROFIenergy and clock synchronous operation.

Not to mention that it is possible to connect to any other network by simply switching Anybus product.

More and more industrial devices are being connected to industrial networks. This is especially true when it comes to drives or inverters which are the most networked devices of all – 3.5 million inverter drives and 800,000 servo drives are expected to be networked in 2015.

But developing and maintaining connectivity to different networks is both time-consuming and resource-demanding. By embedding an Anybus product into a drive, it is possible to connect to PROFIBUS, PROFINET and all major industrial networks on the international market with one development project – while supporting drive profiles for all networks.

How it works

Different industrial networks have different methods of communicating an event or a message to a drive. These methods are specified in “drive profiles.” Anybus CompactCom re-arranges the incoming bytes from the different networks and their drive profiles so that they can be understood by the state machine in the drive (for example, to tell the drive to operate at a certain speed). It works the same way in the other direction — information from the drive is converted into an intelligible format for the network.

Fast PROFINET Communications

The new Anybus CompactCom 40-series enables very fast communication between the host device and PROFINET IRT (process data latency is less than 15µs through the product). This is especially important for drives with high performance demands such as synchronized or motion profile drives.

Anybus CompactCom supports PROFINET RT Class 1 and 3 and comes with a PROFINET IRT Ethernet switch implemented in the module’s processor (the Anybus NP40). The CompactCom M40 module is available for both fiber optics and for copper cabling.

Both versions include support for PROFIenergy, Media Redundency Protocol, Synchronization and Fast Start Up. Besides all standard Ethernet communication, the CompactCom 40-series also provides isochronous real time connectivity for high-end applications like coordinated motion control.

 What is Anybus CompactCom?

Anybus CompactCom is a series of communication products which are integrated into an industrial device to offer connectivity to different industrial networks. CompactCom comes in chip, brick or module format, allowing the user to choose level of integration.

The Anybus CompactCom 30-series is already in use in millions of industrial automation devices. The new 40-series will be released to the market in April 2014.