Acceptance Test Report Generator

With larger networks and the growing complexity of PROFINET applications, customers and suppliers are challenged to find an efficient yet reliable way to commission their PROFINET networks.

Device certification and robust device behavior are preconditions for reliable network behavior, but not necessarily sufficient. A network acceptance test should also take network properties into account.

Responding to this situation, the diagnostics software package TH SCOPE is now being shipped with an Excel-based template enabling easy and efficient report generation during start-up and commissioning of PROFINET networks. This template uses data exported by TH SCOPE, processed automatically and converted into a pdf document.t_h_profinet_commissioning_report

Standardization in sight

In a typical application, a systems integrator or plant manufacturer will supply such a report to its customer as part of a larger plant commissioning project. While detailed acceptance criteria may vary from project to project, there should be a largely standardized approach to commissioning and acceptance testing of PROFINET networks.

The new report generation template aims to take into account several current standardization and research activities, including that of the PI Working Group “Installation Guides”. This work group is currently extending PROFINET Planning and Installation guidelines. Final results are expected by the end of this year.

Being tested now

The currently available version of the report generation template checks parameters such as the maximum line depth, device names, firmware versions, absorption, port utilization and number of error packets.

The generated report is structured to include a one page summary, detailed test results, and recommended actions (if applicable). In typical projects, the report will be complemented by additional documents, such as a topology printout, an inventory list, and a reference measurement.

TH SCOPE and the new report generation template are currently deployed and being tested by customers in the automotive industry. A full sample report in pdf format (German and English language) is available for download at T+H